Steve - I never liked James Carville until now! Your article also goes to show you can make statistics backup whatever you're trying to prove. A couple of points I'd like to make:
(a) I'm glad we paid, I mean recruited, Vandy to be in the SEC.
(b) Lets not forget University of Florida also just won the prestigious #1 Party School in America (2008 Princeton Review) although kudos to Univ. of Wisconsin for taking the 2006 Party School in America (2006 Playboy)
(c) The Party School by the Princeton Review is based on study hours per week and alcohol consumed per week (a survey of students). So you could easily infer that Gators don't need to study as much since they're intelligent to begin with (especially when compared to other SEC schools - per diagram above), and they tend to consume more alcohol because they have many reasons to celebrate - winning national titles in football and basketball in 07, having superman/heisman trohpy winner living on campus (T Tebow), and having great year round weather which frees them up from shoveling snow.
(d) It is interesting that UF and OSU (dominate sport school in the Big Ten in recent years) are equal in the "Academic" rankings. It is just too bad that we/UF spanked them in both football and basketball national championships.