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WebTrends Extends their Passion for Analytics with Strategy Companion's Analyzer™

by Bob Abernethy, SVP & GM, www.strategycompanion.comMonday, July 14, 2008


WebTrends has always been a leader in marketing analytics. Having started the company in 1993, even before the full realization of the Internet, WebTrends was helping companies optimize their marketing activities through analytics. In 1995, WebTrends launched their first product to track marketing metrics and spent their early years evolving their software to withstand the rigors of commercial use, as well as educating potential customers about the value of web analytics.

WebTrends was one of the first companies to capitalize on the quantifiable data generated through online marketing. Gathering information created by online customer behavior, WebTrends is able to help companies profile, target, and engage their customers. WebTrends then completes the picture with offline Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and demographic data to give full insight into the customer.

WebTrends’ products, including Visitor Intelligence™, Marketing Lab™, and Dynamic Search™, fully optimize online marketing programs. Whether it’s designing campaigns or creating personalized web interactions, they clearly understand the power of online data.

WebTrends extends their passion for web analytics beyond their own company. As a founding member, WebTrends was instrumental in forming the Web Analytics Association in 2003. WebTrends actively participates to advocate for standards, research, education, and public policy related to the collection of online data.

Business Challenges

• Optimize Visitor Intelligence™ analytics by seeking best-in-class solution
• Seamless integration with Visitor Intelligence™
• Improve online marketing intelligence through dynamic, flexible analytics
• Performance and scalability matching or exceeding current WebTrends products
• Integrate easily with Microsoft SQL Server environment

WebTrends Seeks Passionate Business Intelligence Provider with Best-in-Class Solution

As a cutting-edge leader in web analytics, WebTrends knew they needed a way to offer customers reporting and analytical access to the information generated by their Visitor Intelligence™ product. Visitor Intelligence™ manages a comprehensive visitor Interest Profile that combines online and offline data to provide insight into a customer over time. For WebTrends’ customers, these reports must be customizable, easy to access, and intuitive to use.

WebTrends considered their options – should they build it themselves or purchase a tool that was ready to go? “Our engineers are really good at what they do, but why should they be creating analysis and reporting tools when there are other companies that specialize in that type of software?” asked Barry Parshall, Director of Product Management for WebTrends. “Instead of focusing all our time and resources creating reporting tools, why don’t we search out the best-of-breed BI solution provider and use their product instead?” That’s exactly what WebTrends did.

Searching for a tool that they could incorporate into their Visitor Intelligence™ product, they had some critical requirements. The tool needed to be feature-rich, solid, scalable, and the vendor needed to share the same passion for analytics.

Customer Quote

"Analyzer lets our engineering resources develop solutions that provide higher value to our customers."

- Barry Parshall, Director of Product Management


Analyzer™ Helps Visitor Intelligence™ Users Improve Marketing ROI

According to Parshall, WebTrends had two major goals in finding and implementing an outsourced analytics solution. First of all, the reporting tools had to be the best in the business, providing a major improvement over what WebTrends’ competitors were creating on their own. With Analyzer™, WebTrends’ Visitor Intelligence™ users have the maximum ability to slice, dice and analyze their marketing campaign performance in many ways with a user interface that is intuitive and flexible. It allows a full suite of powerful analytics to be accessible to even non-technical users.

Secondly, the BI solution needed to be compatible with Microsoft technology. Analyzer™ provides WebTrends with a front-end solution that seamlessly integrates with the latest server-side features of Microsoft SQL Server, including Analysis Services. Taking advantage of SQL Server’s Unified Dimensional Model (UDM), Analyzer™ delivers the benefits of the latest functionality and features of the analytic and reporting engines, such as MDX scripting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), attribute-based dimensions, security control, multi-language support, and perspectives. Analyzer™ operates as a key and integral part of any existing Microsoft-centric BI stack deployment.

WebTrends is pleased to have discovered Strategy Companion’s Analyzer™. They saw Strategy Companion’s enthusiasm for analytics and found Analyzer™ to be the best reporting and analytical tool on the market. Feeling confident with their decision and ready to move forward, WebTrends worked with Strategy Companion to embed Analyzer™ into its Visitor Intelligence™ product. Parshall says the Strategy Companion Technical Support department has been brilliant. He adds, “They have bent over backwards to help us meet our schedules.”

Integrating Analyzer™ with Visitor Intelligence™ went extremely well and WebTrends is excited about the addition. “Analyzer™ was very easy to embed,” relates Parshall. “It is much better designed for OEMing than we found in other offerings. We have found Analyzer™ to be a unique blend of incredibly rich functionality that has been easy to leverage. Importantly, our customers find it easy to use. It is rare to find a product of such impressive functionality that is so straightforward for business users to understand.”

Now, with Analyzer™ as a part of WebTrends’ Visitor Intelligence™, customers can define the person behind the web visitor to drive microtargeted marketing and online experiences that increase engagement and build loyalty with that visitor. Analyzer™ provides analytical and decisionsupport capabilities, including interactive reports, ad-hoc query and analysis, and a wide range of online analytical processing (OLAP) functionality. This insight, combined with powerful analysis and multi-dimensional reporting provided by Analyzer™, gives WebTrends’ customers the ability to answer questions that are critical to improving marketing ROI and driving higher returns from their online marketing efforts.

“Hands down, Analyzer™ is the slickest-looking, most feature-rich BI solution we’ve seen,” Parshall enthuses. He says users are able to analyze information and take actions in ways that are impossible with other solutions in his industry. “Our WebTrends Visitor Intelligence™ product has received rave reviews from analysts and the press. The demand for this product has been extremely exciting for us.”

WebTrends' evaluation concluded that Analyzer™ from Strategy Companion Corporation is the most intuitive and technologically advanced solution compared to any other product on the market


Analyzer’s Advanced Business Intelligence Capabilities Include:

• Powerful and intuitive reporting and analysis, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
• Advanced visualizations ranging from 3D analytic charts to color themes, heat maps, and more
• 100% zero-footprint browser client lets you work with multiple reports and dashboards
• Interactive report and chart drilldown, filtering, slicing, dicing, and more
• Advanced reports and dashboards, each with multiple sheets and components
• Wide choice of components such as pivot tables, charts, web pages, Reporting Services reports, and more
• Corporate Performance Management including scorecards, dashboards, business process diagrams, and more
• Designed for non-technical business users -- no OLAP/MDX knowledge or coding of any kind required
• Seamless integration with the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services BI engine
• Deployment options include 100% zero-footprint web browser, SharePoint, and Web Services

To learn more about Analyzer™ from Strategy Companion, please visit: www.strategycompanion.com

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Analyzer™ is a trademark of Strategy Companion Corporation. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective companies.

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