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Dashboard Design - Examples of data visualization bad practices

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was forwarded this link on the do’s and don’ts of infographic design by one of my colleagues. WARNING! Your brain may explode from trying to understand the data visualization examples provided. At first I thought it was a satire on data visualization bad practices but there was no indication that the author was poking fun at the awful infographics out there. I then proceeded to search the comments and I wasn’t surprised when most people were against the examples she presented in the article. Finally, I found her response to all the negative comments. Unfortunately, this article was not a satire as she was in favor of cool designs over readability when it comes to data visualization.

Nathan Yau, someone who I believe has a more practical stance on the purpose of visualizing data, responded perfectly – “Bottom line: when it comes to information graphics, it should always be data and information first, and then you design around that.”

What do you think about the examples in the article?

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