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Applying Business Analysis Techniques to Dashboard Implementations

by Ali Abughoush, Dundas Data Visualization, Inc.Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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1.0 Introduction

A functional dashboard solution allows an organization to visualize and monitor their data in a meaningful manner while enabling them to make better operational and strategic decisions.

Following solid Business Analysis (BA) practices during the dashboard development cycle will ensure that the dashboard technology and best business practices are aligned in order to achieve the organization’s goals.

This white paper addresses the importance of applying proper BA principles to ensure that your dashboard solution achieves the following key objectives:

  • Prepare a solid foundation for analyzing the organization’s processes and defining its key success factors
  • Understand and address the current data analysis problems facing the organization
  • Strengthen the alignment between business and IT stakeholders in achieving the organization’s long term goals
  • Identify key players in the organization whose requirements must be met for the project to be successful

In this article we will explain why some understanding of BA is important for proper dashboard design, as well as how to properly use BA in your dashboard projects.  Topics include:

The Business Analysis Gap, which explains why the lack of BA can severely impact the success of the project

The Business Analysis Implementation Model, an approach used to understand the stakeholder’s needs and requirements

The Business Analysis Process: This section presents a framework that the business analyst should apply throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that the final delivery meets the stakeholders’ needs.

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