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Using Performance Metrics to Do More with Less
A 7-Step Action Plan for Operations Manager

by Maria Ford, www.pureshare.comWednesday, April 1, 2009

Proactive Metrics Management through Automation

PureShare® ActiveMetrics™ delivers the answers-on-demand management model by automating most of the processes described above. It automatically collects and consolidates all of the necessary data inputs that a manager may need to track, and transforms that information into proactive metrics. ActiveMetrics virtually eliminates the need for spreadsheets, traditional reports, system-specific dashboards, and multiple versions of the same data from the day-today management process.

ActiveMetrics provides these key functions

  • Gathers metrics from ANY data source (as shown on the left-hand side of the diagrams below)
  • Automates the consolidation of that data
  • Transforms the data into ANY type of metric, presentation style or other output (as shown on the right-hand side of the diagrams below)

Diagram 1: PureShare ActiveMetrics automates the collection, consolidation and rendering of proactive management metrics Diagram

Diagram 2: PURE Technology is the underlying technological architecture of PureShare ActiveMetrics v2.0. This universal request engine enables the extraction, transformation and output of any data to any format, and manages all types of data requests – be they ad-hoc, recurring or scheduled.



Learn how PureShare ActiveMetrics can facilitate your evolution to management through metrics and an answers-on-demand management model. Please contact us for more information and for a customized demonstration.

You may also attend one of our upcoming webinars – visit the PureShare website for the webinar schedule.




About PureShare

PureShare develops software-based proactive management tools that eliminate the need for reports, manual spreadsheets and slide-ware.

We provide executives, managers and staff with direct, anytime access to metrics that can be used on a daily basis. Now, everyone can understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information.

PureShare leverages all the data sources you already have to provide a direct line to answers – without the need for reports.

No Reports – Just Answers!

PureShare enables the transformation from the traditional reporting paradigm to an “Answers” paradigm. Our proactive metrics management products transform business interactions by providing managers, executives and staff with direct access to the answers they need – anytime and from anywhere.

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