Mr. Cahill’s article actually alludes to the larger incipient trend of social media concepts appearing in unexpected places. His example of “inbound” consumption of tweets and blogs is excellent, but there are emerging cases where social media elements are being used for “outbound” and even “crossbound” destinations:

• RSS was adopted by Microsoft as the alert infrastructure in its commercial CRM product, effectively leveraging its simple architecture for a purpose unimagined at its design (;

• Twitter functions as a near-real-time data transmission infrastructure the third world. Certain solar-powered refrigeration units connect by cell phone to tweet, then back-end systems aggregate data from hundreds of these devices, allowing US-based food analysts to maintain an eye on health trends in faraway villages.

Imagine the CEO that harnesses the “wisdom of crowds philosophy” from her own employees. She taps instantly into what they are thinking about product plans, manufacturing strategies and the new “efficiency experts” hired to help turn things around! No more filtering report data on the way up the boss!