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One-on-One with Netezza
Phil Francisco, Director of Product Marketing

by Peter Traynor, Editor in Chief, Dashboard InsightMonday, April 28, 2008

Dashboard Insight's Peter Traynor recently spoke with Phil Francisco, Netezza’s Director of Product Marketing, and Virginia Lux, Director of Marketing Communications, and discussed product development at the company.

Peter Traynor: Could you give me some background on what Netezza has been doing lately?

Phil Francisco: The name of our latest product is Netezza Performance Server. It’s a true data warehouse appliance; its purposely built to be a data warehouse from the ground up within one economical package and it includes the server, the storage and the database technology in one place.

We’ve been forerunners in this market space and we coined the term “data warehouse appliance”, and I would say we are the leading vendor in that market space right now. We’re on our third generation of product for about the last two years at this point and I think what we’ve been able to demonstrate is that we can continue to deliver best price/performance in the category and we have been able to grow out the capability of the product to serve the enterprise-class customers that we’re servicing with the product.

In the last seven months or so we launched an initiative called the “Netezza Development Network” that is really doing some very dynamic things. We have some features that will be coming out in May that we announced back in December that will enable people to essentially program the data warehouse appliance to provide advanced analytics functionality right down to where the data resides. It is unique to the Netezza architecture and unique to the value proposition that we bring. It’s offering another couple of orders of magnitude or performance gain over the traditional method of dealing with advanced analytics which is pull the live data out of the warehouse to some external device where you do the processing.

PT: How much can the individual user do there?

PF: It will be open to the individual users. We do not anticipate an individual user will be doing it though. Through the network of partners that we’ve cultivated, we’re anticipating that applications, vendors, SI partners and so forth will build targeted applications or targeted solutions for a set of clients or for an individual client that provides game changing performance for that particular application and push it right down to where the data is resident. So things like scored customer data, spatial information, XML data – all sorts of possibilities start to open up where you can get much higher levels of performance than you would with traditional data warehouses.

PT: Now what kind of verticals would typically be prominent among your customer segment?

PF: That’s a great question. I think we’ve had great traction in a number of verticals. I think telco from day one, is a phenomenal space for us to be in. We’ve also had great traction in the retail business as well as online providers and more recently in the last year or two, financial services. We have a number of very prominent customers in the financial services including the New York Stock Exchange.

Virginia Lux: And MasterCard as well.

PF: There are a couple of verticals I should mention as well; the federal space is another one and we’ve got some strong relationships there as well.

PT: The finance or the tax side?

PF: Both the civilian and the agency side.

VL: Actually Orange UK, a telco in the UK, was our first or second customer in the telco space.

PF: Just from customer count wise the most recent publicly announced count was a little bit over 140 and we’re continuing to grow from there.

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