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InetSoft offers a complete business intelligence platform for dashboards, visual analysis, and reporting. InetSoft applications are easy to deploy, easy for users to learn, agile to adjust to changing business requirements, and robust in terms of features and scalability. Patent-pending Data Block technology provides a unique capability of user-defined data mashup and direct access to almost any data source. Flexible licensing models combined with low maintenance overhead thanks to maximum self-service for business users make InetSoft's BI solutions affordable for organizations of any size. InetSoft's innovative products have won awards from developers every year since 1999.

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Klipfolio Dashboard is the desktop dashboard for business. Used by Fortune 1000 sales teams, support organizations, marketing groups and operations, Klipfolio Dashboard leverages current enterprise applications and information systems to increase the visibility of critical and frequently changing performance metrics (KPIs) directly on the desktop. It is the only business dashboard that brings your information directly to the desktop, where it's always visible, accessible, and actionable.

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ComponentArt offers premium data visualization technology and custom digital dashboard implementation services.

The company's unique XAML and HTML5 technology enables delivering rich digital dashboards to any device, including: Apple iPad & iPhone, Windows 8 tablets & phones, Android tablets & phones, Blackberry Playbook & phones or any Windows or Mac OS computer.

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Tableau Software

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Ranked by Gartner in 2011 as the world’s fastest growing business intelligence company, Tableau helps anyone quickly and easily analyze, visualize and share information. More than 7,000 companies get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites. See how Tableau can help you by downloading the free trial at

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206.633.3400 x1

Xtraction Solutions

Xtraction is a true self-service solution to BI reporting challenges. It eliminates dedicated reporting specialists and reduces costs. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop design, interactive interface and numerous export options will enable your staff as never before. No other product provides a comparable ready-to-run solution upon installation. Xtraction’s intuitive functionality and quick learning curve leverages value immediately. It provides out-of-the-box database mapping for ITSM solutions from BMC, CA, HP, and other leading vendors, plus allows you to build enterprise-wide custom connectors. Through desktops, large screens and handheld platforms, Xtraction’s next generation solution delivers the most robust information, elevating your business awareness and decision-making.

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Dundas Dashboard

Dundas Dashboard is a platform for rapidly building custom smart dashboards. It can draw data from a variety of sources natively and has an open API for connecting to any data sources not natively supported.

Dundas Dashboard can display real-time data; offer extensive interactive features; allow you to set role based security & permissions; and provide intelligent analytical capabilities. The platform is also extremely customizable. From branding, to importing your own color schemes, or even adding in chart types, Dundas Dashboard is tailored to suit your needs.

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Kerberos S.A. - IT Consultants

Kerberos S.A. as a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and premier reseller of Dundas Dashboard components. We specialize in providing world leading software development , IT and business intelligence consulting solutions to businesses and individuals. Our .net powered solutions utilize the latest dashboard visualization tools to showcase data in new ways.


+54 (261) 434-0205


Visit ComponentOne for a free trial of Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET. AJAX gauges and charts. Plus, innovative cube-free OLAP data browsers.

Intuitive Business Intelligence

Intuitive Business Intelligence is the author of Intuitive Dashboards, a BI software tool for creating interactive, graphical dashboards showing relevant, real-time and actionable business data.
(+44) (0) 844 243 8450

Nevron Software

A global leader in component based data visualization technology. Built with perfection, usability and enterprise level features in mind, our components deliver advanced digital dashboards and diagrams.


FusionCharts adds both glamour and meaning to the data in your dashboards. It converts all your boring data to lively visuals and with highly interactive features like drill-down and one-click export, it offers you a complete dashboarding experience too. It is chosen and trusted by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies.
+91 97481 89965

Engineering Software Lab

Israel's resellers of Dundas Dashboards components, provides dashboards customization and development services for the Israeli Software industry.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition

Syncfusion, Inc. is a leading provider of Business Intelligence components. Easily create innovative business dashboards that display key metrics. Grid, Chart, Gauge – Free trial available.

Distributive Management

The Leader in Quantitative Management Tools for Software Projects. Because If Building Software Matters, Then Managing It Matters Even More.


arcplan offers powerful, affordable BI solutions that empower organizations to make better decisions based on facts. Since 1993, we have helped 3,000 customers worldwide perform better.
(610) 902 0688

Concego IT Outsourcing and Consulting

Concego specializes in Cloud Computing & Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Dashboard Management.
47 93001765

Eshbel Technologies – Priority ERP

Priority ERP is web-enabled with tightly integrated BI and Dashboard capabilities. Using the latest technologies to display data, Priority revolutionizes how BI works with ERP.

DataMontage Visualization of Time-Oriented Data

DataMontage™ displays coordinated timelines and time-series graphs to see patterns spanning many variables and subgroups.
650 931 2710


Space effective, business focused dashboards with in-cell charting and all Excel’s native layout capabilities. Designed in Excel, deployed to the web, with full olap interactivity.
617 326 7700

Telerik Reporting

Telerik Reporting gives you numerous presentation tools to display data so that your clients can focus on what's important: analysis and knowledge.

Strategy Companion

Analyzer empowers technical and non-technical decision makers to utilize Advanced Analytics to easily create custom Corporate Performance Management reports, charts and tables.

Perpetuum Software LLC

Perpetuum Software LLC offers high-performance data visualization and reporting components for .Net Framework. These proven products provide charts, gauges, reports, and OLAP for .NET and ASP.NET applications.
+7 3852 299979


QlikTech is the global leader in next-generation business intelligence solutions, offering sophisticated in-memory analysis and reporting solutions for enterprise and individual customers.
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