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Klipfolio Dashboard is the desktop dashboard for business. Used by Fortune 1000 sales teams, support organizations, marketing groups and operations, Klipfolio Dashboard leverages current enterprise applications and information systems to increase the visibility of critical and frequently changing performance metrics (KPIs) directly on the desktop. It is the only business dashboard that brings your information directly to the desktop, where it's always visible, accessible, and actionable.

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No Reports - Just Answers!
PureShare develops software-based proactive management tools that eliminate the need for reports, manual spreadsheets and slide-ware. With PureShare, executives, managers and staff gain direct, anytime access to management metrics that can be used on a daily basis. Now, everyone can understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information.

PureShare leverages all the data sources you already have to provide a direct line to answers – without the need for reports. PureShare products enable enterprises and organization to transition from traditional manual, after-the-fact reporting paradigms to the proactive and timely “answers-on-demand” paradigm.

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SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

BP Logix

BP Logix provides web-based Lean BPM and workflow software utilizing the industry's first project-driven approach for BPM. Automate your business processes with no programming.


OpenBI, LLC is a business intelligence consultancy focused on delivering open source solutions. We collaborate with our customers to develop applications that help the business evaluate, improve, and manage its strategy and processes.


Neubrain leverages business analytics technology to create solutions from corporate performance management to merchandise planning & analysis, budgeting, customer/sales analytics, supply chain planning, resource optimization and other decision-centric applications.

River Logic

River Logic provides advanced business modeling solutions to help companies increase financial performance by connecting strategic and operational planning directly to financial outcomes.

SoftExpert CPM

SoftExpert CPM is a robust web-based integrated corporate performance management solution that helps organizations to manage the strategy formulation process, translate it into practical action and monitor performance and execution in a simple way.


SoftExpert CPM

HardMetrics Inc.

We have eliminated cost and technology barriers that prevents performance management technology from being widely deployed and used at every level of the enterprise. We have built-in superior engineering that requires no software programming.


NimBUS includes a broad set of easily-configured technology probes for monitoring a wide range of technology components across diverse platforms including Web servers, application servers, database servers, networks, and critical enterprise applications.

Performance Solutions Technologies, LLC

award-winning software system for managing objectives, projects, people, time and meetings. It delivers an unparalleled level of visibility and organization across a display of your goals, action plans and results.

Vanguard Business Analytics

Our performance management solutions enable companies to intelligently interpret and analyze business data, giving them the power to measure, manage, and improve performance.
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