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Big data - big deal?

Monday, August 15, 2011

There's a lot going on in the dashboard and business intelligence world and, as always, there's some buzz words floating around that tries to make something old sound new. We've lived through the Web 2.0 and now we're experiencing the Cloud and, the topic of this blog post, Big Data.

What is so special about big data? People are concerned that the amount of data accumulated is exponentially rising to the point where software may not be able to process it. Hold on a second. Didn't this problem exist back in the early 2000s as indicated by a report by Gartner? The point I'm trying to make is this problem has been around a long time. It hasn't really surfaced until vendors felt they could provide a solution for it. Now their marketeers are really preaching the challenges of big data.

I think it's a great problem to have because it will drive home the power and importance of data visualization; it doesn't matter how much data you can collect if you can't make sense of it.

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