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Microsoft's Mobile BI Strategy

Friday, August 19, 2011

I found an interesting post online today that commented on Microsoft's mobile business intelligence strategy - or lack thereof. Why doesn't MS have a mobile strategy? I believe it's the "Microsoft or the highway mentality" that's causing the lack of attention on their mobile BI offering. Update: here's Microsoft's roadmap.

What I mean by that is the non-adoption of Windows Phone 7. That was their platform of choice to delivery mobile BI. Microsoft would never consider adopting another platform because that would just be crazy.

The funny thing is, MS already has a platform to choose from. It's called ASP.NET. Throw in some HTML5 markup in your aspx pages and you have a win. I haven't personally tried it myself, but I would assume that works.

In any case, people should be able to open up Reporting Services reports on a smart phone browser. If not, as a former product manager, I recommend starting there MS.

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