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The Business Dashboard Reformation Campaign

Friday, December 2, 2011

I have started a dashboard design awareness program called The Business Dashboard Reformation Campaign. Look for any article that starts with "Dashboard Reformation" in its title. It is my hope that this campaign helps dashboard designers in their fight for properly designed dashboards. A lot of these dashboards were submitted by vendors and consultants to the Dashboard Insight gallery and the intent of this campaign is not to make anyone look bad. I'm sure there are reasons for the design choices such as the client's need for sexy gauges. The goal is to show how you can effectively communicate this data and have an aesthetically pleasing dashboard. Remember, dashboard software is just a tool and it’s up to dashboard designers to build effective dashboards.

The first dashboard I reformed was the Government Finances External Departments Dashboard. Check it out and please do post your comments on how you would make it better.

If your dashboard needs bright colors and round gauges, then it’s your data that’s boring.

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