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The Foundation for Business Intelligence

Friday, January 13, 2012

I’ve always played the part of the dashboard designer and rarely engaged at the infancy of a business intelligence (BI) project. However, it's inevitable for me to advise on refining, removing, and adding measures presented in the dashboards. After all, the right measures have to be on the dashboards to make them effective. These types of changes are typically an uphill battle when I jump in this late into a BI project which leads to frustration for myself and the client.

In this current project I’m working on with this Canadian internet company, I have the opportunity to build the entire program from the ground up. As of this post, the project has been running very smooth. Here’s why:

  • The CEO and executive team see the value in BI and they are willing to invest their time into the initiative.
  • In addition, senior management promotes a culture of communicating goals and activities across the organization.
  • The workforce is hungry for data so everyone is cooperative and forth coming with stating their responsibilities and the challenges they face.

I believe these points contribute to the foundation of a BI program that adds value to an organization. Why? Because we at Dashboard Insight believe that commitment and communication are at the heart of BI.

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