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2010 Black Friday Retail Dashboard

by Mark Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing, InetSoftThursday, November 18, 2010

This interactive Black Friday dashboard is a visualization-driven filtering tool that helps you sift through the thousands of Black Friday sales to find what interests you and create your plan of attack during the early hours of that manic Friday. The dashboard is designed to be intuitive enough to use it without any instructions. For instance, just check off retailers of interest and quickly browse their specials. This year, the tool offers one-click access to product pages on the retailer Web site or snapshots of the featured product in the advertisement, plus one-click access to the retailer’s store locator. Compared to poring over dozens of newspaper circulars, this visual analysis tool promises to save hours of research and preparation.

2010 Black Friday Retail Dashboard
Click on dashboard for full intereactive version

The Black Friday deals interactive dashboard has been deployed using Visualize Free, InetSoft's free edition of Style Intelligence, the company’s commercial business intelligence software application for dashboards, reporting, and visual analysis. Visualize Free permits anyone to upload their own data, such as in a spreadsheet, and quickly create useful visualizations and interactive dashboards. Once completed, users have the option to share their visual analysis with others or keep it private. To try Visualize Free, please visit www.visualizefree.com.

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