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Dundas Consulting Hospital Performance Dashboard

by Alexander Chiang, www.dundas.comWednesday, May 14, 2008

Dundas Data Visualization Consulting shares a Digital Dashboard for the Healthcare Industry
Click on screenshot for interactive demo.

A dashboard can be thought of as a device for monitoring vital signs in the emergency room. Businesses need to make critical decisions and one of the starting points and the most important input in doing so is to create a consolidated view of the underlying information. Specifically for Healthcare Provider Companies such as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) that assume financial and delivery risks associated with providing comprehensive medical services, keeping a close eye on these metrics is imperative to maintain their financial health.

The healthcare industry demonstration dashboard gives a glimpse of some of the key performance indicators or metrics for HMOs. This sample dashboard displays a region with specific hospitals, their revenues, actual and forecast numbers and ratio of insured versus uninsured patients. The dashboard is interactive and user friendly, exhibits an array of performance metrics and facilitates drilldowns to view relevant underlying data.

Data feeds into dashboards can be aggregated by interfacing with single (or multiple) feeds from ERP, SCM, or legacy backend systems that capture raw data numbers. A middle tier with the business logic allows for business rules to be applied to the data. The front end user interface is customizable based on the final metrics to be displayed. A number of options can be mixed and matched to best represent the final data while also allowing users to trigger warning flags in case of variances in the defined metrics.

This demonstration dashboard was created by Dundas Consulting using Dundas Data Visualization controls for ASP .NET.  

Please take time to learn more about Dundas Consulting at www.dundasconsulting.com

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