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Dundas Consulting Project Management Dashboard

by Alexander Chiang, www.dundas.comWednesday, July 16, 2008

Dundas Data Visualization Consulting Project Management Digital Dashboard
Click on screenshot for interactive demo.

Dashboards can be very effective in reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). When KPIs are the focus, a digital dashboard is essentially a tool for ensuring that organizational strategy is adhered to. This type of dashboard is typically accessible only to select members of an organization and will usually distill a picture using data federated across relevant business units.

In a similar vein there has been a growth in the use of digital dashboards in the operational indicator monitoring role. The real value this type of dashboard brings is that the employees who use them push business actions upstream based on the latest information pertinent to their roles in the business process. This is a breakaway from the traditional approach where a top-down directive is issued and junior employees are periodically evaluated using goals, criteria and data they are not privy to.

The project management dashboard above shows and shares a variety of lower-level, operational concerns associated with a fictional project. It loosely fits both bills – it adheres to the company’s broader strategy-driven goals, while addressing the smaller operational goals that help service strategic goals.

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