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Dundas Data Visualization Personal Finance Dashboard Demo

by Ayush Yash Shrestha, Consultant, Dundas ConsultingMonday, April 7, 2008

Dundas Data Visualization Consulting Personal Finance Digital Dashboard
Please click on above dashboard for the interactive demo.

The beauty of dashboards is that they allow for the conflux of related measures to form a clear, contextualized view of a system.

Such views are of immeasurable value to businesses. Without these comprehensive views a full picture is never available to decision makers, resulting in poor decisions. However, for many people understanding this value is a hurdle. For this reason a personal finance dashboard is a great way for them to see this value

We all have personal finances to deal with. Seeing how our money moves in and out of our lives and examining our long term investments and liabilities are imperative in financial decision making for today and for tomorrow. This is something most adults understand reasonably well. The clarity of our financial picture requires values to be graphed versus relevant time frames to really understand what buying power we have, when we have it (if indeed we do) and allows us to decide how much we can afford to part with for any given product or service. Having this grasp over our personal finances allows for responsible decision making, so surely the companies we work for should be benefiting from such insight as well!

This particular dashboard was created by the Dundas Consulting team using the latest generation of Dundas Data Visualization controls under ASP.NET 2.0.

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