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Japan Earthquake 2011 Dashboard
Created by Extended Results

by Patrick Husting, http://www.extendedresults.com/Thursday, March 17, 2011

I just wrote a blog about how we mashed up data from the USGS web site so we could get an understanding of the Japan catastrophe.   We wanted to do it because we thought it would be a good training exercise in using Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot.  But when we got the data ready, we were not prepared for the insight we would find.  Below is my best ability to provide some analysis into the earthquake data we have to date.

Japan Earthquake Dashboard
Click on dashboard for full interactive version

The following screen shot is the Excel 2010 spreadsheet that we created which you can download the Excel spreadsheet here.   If you want to use the slicing features, you need to have Microsoft PowerPivot installed.  Or you can go to the online report which can be found here, the slicers do not work, but you can see it live.

Complete article showing drill-downs and chart explanationss can be found here.

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