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Obama & Health Insurance Dashboard

by Marketing Team BIME, Manager, We Are CloudFriday, August 20, 2010

This sample dashboard looks at the same relationship using three different visualizations.

Health Insurance Strategic Dashboard
click on image for interactive version

In the top left, the bar chart confirms the correlation between % Obama voters (length) % uninsured (color). The higher the population without health insurance, the lower the percentage of Obama voters. Click on the little square in the top right hand corner to enlarge and see the chart in more detail. You can then navigate to the other visualizations using the left and right arrows.

The Heatmap shows the same data, although the correlation is harder to see. This plot instead highlights the split between the coastal and inland states. You can demonstrate this conclusively by using the slider in the bottom right to filter out all of the states where less than 50% voted Democrat.

Finally, the chart at the bottom of the dashboard exemplifies the usefulness of data animation. This feature was brought in a couple of months ago by popular demand and it allows you to compare two plots by watching how the shape transitions between them. Here we see the blue area slide down and to the right when we press play, suggesting that states with a higher uninsured population actually had a higher percentage of McCain voters than Obama.

Bime contains 14 different types of visualization. Combining these along with filters, calculated measures, variables, animation and all of the other more advanced features allows you to reach the heart of any data set before quickly switching zooming in on the most persuasive display.

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Source: The 2008 election data comes from USA Today and the Health Insurance data comes from the US Census Bureau.

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