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QlikView's WaterViews Dashboard

by Neil Florio, VP/Director, QlikTechTuesday, January 12, 2010

Circle of Blue is using QlikView to analyze and visualize the findings of an independent survey which probed public attitudes about access to fresh water in 23 countries.  Through the use of interactive maps, charts and graphs, as well as detailed findings for each of the 15 countries featured in the survey, Circle of Blue provides online visitors the ability to compare and contrast the public opinion data in a number of new ways — country-specific, year-over year comparisons, and through a wealth of statistics about fresh water shortage, water pollution, water-related illnesses and overall water usage. 

Inetsoft Global Water Shortage Dashboard
click on dashboard for interactive version

QlikView’s capabilities enabled Circle of Blue to display and stage the findings of the global survey in ways previously unavailable to news organizations, making complex data much easier to shape and understand.

For more information please visit QlikView

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