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Sales Forecast Analysis
Sales Forecast Analysis

Friday, May 4, 2012


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For any Sales team manager, a high level overview of the combined performance for the entire team is important. The ability to assess revenue trends collectively across a multitude of variables such as geography, time periods, forecast types etc., is equally imperative. Additionally, managers should be able to drill down to a specific geography or individual Sales representative to evaluate the performance at that granular level. The Sales Forecast Analysis dashboard allows sales managers to do just that, with a host of readily available visualization options that help analyze the data in different ways.

The Sales Forecast Analysis visualization, created using MicroStrategy Cloud Personal, is user friendly, organizing the different visualizations into panels and tabs. A panel is the window that contains the visualization. Users can insert any number of panels to view their data in different graphical representations (each panel is represented by a dot located on the top right of the screen). A tab is a collection of panels, and filtering criteria may be specified at the tab level. The two tabs in the Sales Forecast Analysis Dashboard assess revenue trends along two different filter conditions.

Revenue Trends for Select Industries

This visualization has seven different panels that represent the data only for select industries. With the first panel, Sales Managers can evaluate the revenue by the various industries and at the same time obtain a multi-dimensional performance snapshot for sales revenue at each stage of the sales cycle. The second panel shows a bubble chart that uses size and color to portray total revenue and number of accounts by geography. Each of the ensuing panels showcases a different visualization, from the conventional pie charts to sophisticated heat maps presenting data in a simple, yet powerful manner.

Revenue Trends for Direct Manager, Eric Patrick

The ability to drill down to the revenue data for a specific sales representative or a single geography is just as important as the previous two holistic visualizations. The four panels on this tab have been filtered to only show data for a single Direct Manager, Eric Patrick in this case. Directors and VPs of Sales organizations may use this tab to monitor Eric Patrick’s performance and may even switch to another Direct Manager by using the check-box filter on the panel to the left. All of selected Direct Manager’s accounts and revenue for each of his accounts may now be assessed as they are ordered by color and size for easy visual appraisal.

Sharing Insights

The owner of the dashboard can share it with colleagues and friends via email, a downloaded PDF, on the iPad, or even on Facebook, all with a click of a button. Recipients may filter and interact with the flash dashboard for a more enhanced experience.

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal is the industry’s first SaaS-based data discovery solution designed for workgroup-oriented, self-service BI. Developed by leading business intelligence company MicroStrategy, Cloud Personal gives users instant and secure access to their data, powerful interactive analysis features, and the ability to share personalized data visualizations, all without IT support or specialized training. To learn more, watch a short video and see how easy it is to get started. Then sign up today at www.microstrategy.com/cloud/personal

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