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Bank Branch and ATM Risk Management Dashboard

by Stuart Geros, Director, Techsmart InternationalWednesday, December 10, 2008

Bank risk management digital dashboard
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This dashboard is actually a full solution for banks wishing to measure the risk status of their branches and ATM’s

There are several components to the solution.

  1. Branch and ATM configuration.
    1. Each Branch and ATM has a list of risk measures that determine the risk level of the particular location. Branch and ATM Risk Factors include;
      1. Does the branch have cameras?
      2. Does the branch have rising screens?
      3. Is there more than one entry point?
      4. Is the branch located on the street or in a shopping mall?
    2. Each Branch and ATM is also given a longitude and latitude coordinate. Each branch is then represented via an interface into Google Maps. The maps are interactive so that as you drill down to street view, the map populates with more icons. Each icon represents a branch or an ATM
  2. Incident Management System
    1. The banks security control centre receives calls for every type of event. As calls are received, an incident management system allows the operator to enter data specific to each type of event. All of the risk components are linked to this system.
    2. As a new incident occurs, an internal dashboard showing the number and type of incidents represents the current incident status of the bank.
    3. The solution provides for full incident trending. The customer is able to trend all incidents according to type and geographic location. This assists the bank in its determination of incident hot spots and allows for profiling.
  3. Risk Assessment
    1. Once incidents are recorded in the incident management system, the risk level of each branch or ATM is recalculated.
    2. Pre-defined risk levels are set for each branch and location.
    3. If the new incident causes a branch or ATM to breach its risk level, an alert is created indicating the change of status.

Bank risk management digital dashboard Drill down view
Click on Dashboard for full size version and more information.

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About TechSMART

We live in an age where everything we do as individuals is constantly being improved, or automated. Processes are being re-designed to meet each change. However, when we look at the incumbents in the space of business availability and application monitoring, we see those vendors treading water. Innovation in these organisations is as close as the next acquistion.

TechSMART was created to improve the way that organsiations can measure their own performance. Requesting of information from management that cannot be delivered automatically is no longer acceptable. Older technologies that require coding and several staff to create a report should be a thing of the past.

eMite Analytics is the result of 3 years of planning and development. Using today's technologies on the back of 50 years experience within systems management, TechSMART has been able to create a solution that is for many reasons, replacing the incumbents.

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