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Dundas Data Visualization / MST Pharmaceutical Dashboard
Featuring Dundas Chart 6.0

by Ed Worsfold, Director of Marketing, Dundas Data VisualizationWednesday, November 7, 2007
Dundas Data Visualization Pharmaceutical Dashboard

This dashboard uses the Enterprise Edition of Dundas Chart 6.0 and features our latest chart type, the rose chart.  The Rose chart shows the overall effectiveness of each drug relative to the other drugs and acts as a driving mechanism for the entire dashboard.  You can click the ‘petals’ in the rose chart and see additional data for a particular drug and even get a picture of the drug itself.  Notice that these changes are made to the dashboard without having to refresh the entire web page; this is possible using the AJAX technology implemented by Dundas Chart.

The distribution graph is great because it really shows how easy it is to customize the chart control.  The first thing you see is the custom heat map that has been added to show the areas of greatest density.  This is created with a point chart and some custom code which quite literally results in a new feature for the chart control.  Additionally, the zooming and scrolling functions have been replaced with an annotated selection.  This lets the user select a particular region of the chart and get additional information about the data.

Lastly, the gauge controls at the bottom of the dashboard are great for showing particular KPI’s for each drug.  These gauges were created using our out-of-the-box gauge control.

View Live Dashboard
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