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The Gold Standard for Tracking the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Interactive Dashboard Technology Provides Quick View of Olympic Performance and Medal Counts

by Shadan Malik, www.idashboards.comThursday, May 29, 2008

TROY, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tracking your favorite countries performances during this summers Olympics Games just got easier. Games enthusiasts will now be able to use the ultimate Olympics Games dashboard, which will present medal counts and sporting event data in an interactive dashboard display. Available starting August 8, the 2008 Olympics Games dashboard, powered by iDashboards will serve as the ultimate Web resource for a single view of up-to-date Olympics results and medal standings.

Interested in seeing what this dashboard will allow you to do? For a sneak peek, iDashboards has created a comprehensive dashboard incorporating the 2004 Summer Olympic Games results. Check it out here: http://live.idashboards.com/beijing2008?guestuser=guest

iDashboards Olympic Tracking Digital Dashboard
Click on above dashboard for interactive demo.

Given the time zone in which the Beijing 2008 Summer Games will take place, combined with the abundance of medals distributed across sports and countries, the task of tracking the Games results (while keeping your day job) seems daunting. With the results aggregated and displayed in dashboards each day, fans can effortlessly track their favorite athletes, countries and events.

As shown by the 2004 Olympic Games dashboard, this tool presents several graphical user displays. The landing page features a vibrant global map that highlights participating countries and corresponding medal tallies. The dashboards unique hover-and-click capabilities enable fans to drill down through each countrys individual results by sporting event and individual athlete performance. A second dashboard provides even greater detail, coupled with the ability to compare results from across the globe with the help of graphic bar charts, speedometers, gauges and interactive country flags and medals. Additionally, Olympic sports icons direct users to the official Beijing Games Website providing live updates on the respective events. Fans with Websites or blogs dedicated to the Olympics will also be able to launch this dashboard tool with a link (to be provided by iDashboards upon request).

Our visually-inspired society prefers graphical presentations to digest information easily and effectively. Dashboard technology acknowledges this preference, delivering users an immersive visual experience to interact with large amounts of data, commented Shadan Malik, President and CEO of iDashboards.

About iDashboards

Through its award-winning engineering and patented software, iDashboards helps companies leverage information assets through visually rich, real-time and personalized business intelligence dashboards to analyze, track, and drill-down through a wealth of information. iDashboards global customer base consists of organizations ranging from large, fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses, all of which are making quicker, well-informed business decisions with the help of iDashboards. The company is privately held and headquartered in Troy, Michigan. To find out more about iDashboards solutions, please call (248) 952-0840 or visit www.idashboards.com.

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