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Verax Systems KPI Dashboard

by Kamil Stasiak, Marketing Specialist, Verax SystemsFriday, August 6, 2010

KPI Dashboard is an application software package designed for automatic gathering and visual presentation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These indicators reflect conditions in various areas of business, e.g. sales data, production, HR, R&D, etc.

Verax Systems KPI Dashboard
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KPI Dashboard data visualization is transparent and intuitive. In order to monitor specified areas of business, user should define types of indicators and graphical presentation. Afterwards user enters data into system manually or by using the ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool to integrate data from different systems.

The KPI Dashboard has been implemented as a three-tier Java Enterprise application using Adobe Rich Internet technology as the front end.

KPI Dashboard™ features include:

  • Indicator configuration according to particular needs, requirements and expectations of a particular business.
  • Automatic calculation of trends and projections.
  • Threshold values for each indicator.
  • Wide range of diagrams and analyses (e.g. pie, bar, tables and more). Data collection either manually or by means of the Extract Transform Load (ETL) engine - an instrument that integrates data from different sources.
  • System access protected by username and password.

System requirements:

  • Server side: Windows XP, Vista, Linux: RedHat, CentOS, SuSE, Sun Solaris 10.
  • Client side: Any web browser supporting Adobe Flash technology.

Verax Systems offers pre-configured KPI Dashboards for popular software packages, such as SugarCRM as well as prepackaged applications for various industries (such as telecommunications) and company departments (such as IT or sales).

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