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Viewbi Sales Management Dashboard

by Terence Siganakis, http://www.viewbi.comFriday, June 19, 2009

These screen shots display our new product, Viewbi.

This first image displays a browser based dashboard displaying in depth information about our current pipeline, including leads, qualified leads and clients.

viewbi sales management dashboard

The second displays one of my current screens, showing a browser with my Viewbi report open, the Viewbi Agent (which connects to my data sources), and a series of "Desktop views". 

view bi desktop sales management dashboard

Desktop views are similar to KlipFolio's Klipfolio Dashboard product, in that they provide a desktop view of measurements that are always up to date.  This accessibility of information provides a constant reminder of performance, improving decision making.

About Viewbi

Viewbi develops web based dashboards and data connectivity tools to make it simple to not only create user specific customized dashboards, but also to connect to data that powers them, be it in databases, text files, log files or even on the internet.

Viewbi is currently in private beta and is looking for consultancies, independent software vendors and systems implementers to partner with. 

Please contact sales@viewbi.com if you would like more information.

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