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youcalc Adwords Dashboard

by Rasmus Madsen, Owner/Partner, youcalcMonday, January 4, 2010

One dashboard that gives a complete overview of the performance of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads.

Quickly identify low performing campaigns and drill down to see which ad groups, ads or keywords need to be optimized.

Dual-axis charts let you compare any two metrics in one chart. "Impressions" growth may be looking good on a campaign, but if e.g. conversions are decreasing, campaign performance is going the wrong way.

Drill down through adgroups, keywords and ads by clicking the charts. On each chart, click once to get a sortable list of data, which your can export to Excel/CSV/XML.

Allows for MCC accounts switching, to easily analyze several AdWords accounts (for SEM experts).

Your AdWords login credentials are sent directly to the Google AdWords API, nothing is stored on youcalc.

Dashboard built on youcalc.

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