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DataMontage Dashboard

by James Ong, Manager, Stottler HenkeWednesday, October 20, 2010

The DataMontage™ software system is a collection of software applications and libraries that enables you to create, display, and print interactive, synchronized, information-dense collections of timelines, XY graphs, and notes that share a common X or time axis. DataMontage can be used to display xy graphs and scatter plots, timelines and Gannt charts, bar graphs, dot plots, stock price graphs, box plots, and bubble charts.

USA economy dashboard

You can stack graphs and timelines vertically or arrange them in rows and columns to see patterns spanning multiple variables. Flexible control over the color, shape, and size of graph and timeline symbols lets you encode multiple attributes and highlight significant data points. Custom icon support lets you draw data points using image icons, text strings, or arbitrary graphics drawn by custom drawing software. Colored lines and regions help you compare data points to reference values, time intervals, and ranges.

Healthcare Monitoring Dashboard

DataMontage lets you see additional information associated with each graphical data element using mouse rollovers, popup HTML windows, and navigation to another web page. Your Java applet, application, or web server application can configure the content and format of DataMontage objects via Java application programming interface (API). Programs written in Java or in other languages can configure DataMontage displays by creating Extensible Markup Language (XML) files. The DataMontage API also lets you create custom user-system interactions for displaying and entering information. You can also create pre-defined queries and highlight the data points and/or time intervals that satisfy certain selection criteria. For example, a data point query could draw a circle around every data point in any timeline that is related to the currently-selected data point, using a custom comparison function.

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