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Freak Analytic's Tracking Economic Indicators and Stock Market Returns Dashboard

by Stephen McDaniel, Owner/Partner, Freakalytics, LLCTuesday, February 23, 2010

Economic Indicators and S&P Composite Returns from 1901-2008 A Dashboard to Explore Past, Present and Future Results by Year

Freak Analytics Tracking Economic Indicators and Stock Market Returns Dashboard
click on dashboard for interactive version

When creating a dashboard, two critical questions to ask include, “what are the right metrics” and “what collection of graphs will optimize exploration and understanding from a complex relationship between multiple metrics”? This example uses historic economic and stock market data to explore these concepts and to provide powerful insights into stock market patterns relative to economic conditions. This interactive dashboard is powered by tableau public, a new service of Tableau Software. One means of interacting with this dashboard is data point brushing, highlight data in a part of the dashboard by single-clicking and dragging your mouse across data points of interest.

See http://www.freakalytics.com/snp-pub-freak/ for the detailed write-up.

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