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Healthcare Dashboard For Hospital Management

by Martin Eising, http://www.dundas.comWednesday, March 9, 2011

This healthcare dashboard displays key performance indicators for hospitals within a fictitious region named Eastpointe. The demo utilizes two main digital dashboards: one for regional performance and one for analysis by region.

Healthcare Management Dashboard
Click on dashboard for full interactive version

The Regional Performance dashboard displays KPIs such as Time to See a Doctor, Time to Get Treatment, Expected Stay if Admitted, Length of Stay (per hospital), etc.  Users can examine numerous date ranges such as Today, Current Week, Current Year, and many more. Interactive tooltips display the values shown via the data visualizations, which consist of line charts, stacked bar charts and digital indicators.

The Diagnosis by Region dashboard displays KPIs such as % Change of Incidents, Incidents per 1000 Population, etc.   Users can select various diagnoses, the month to be examined; age ranges as well as comparison periods. Maps are used to visualize the performance of each specific region, and a scorecard is used to display KPIs for those regions.

For more information please visit www.dundas.com

Dundas Data Visualization

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