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ImpactEdge Dashboard
created by Neville & Rowe Ltd.

by Andrew Neville, Owner/Partner, Neville & Rowe LtdFriday, February 18, 2011

ImpactEdge is a user friendly menu-driven Office application designed for the Business User. Through the use of wizards, menus and intuitive user interfaces you quickly get to grips with the power that ImpactEdge offers. From simple data retrieval and presentation to complex data analysis, ImpactEdge offers the same intuitive user interfaces to guide you through the process.

ImpactEdge Performance Dashboard

You can analyse your information immediately. Whether your data is held in a Data Warehouse, conventional databases or spreadsheets, ImpactEdge will enable you to combine and analyse your information in a few clicks through a wizard.

Data Binding

ImpactEdge comes with its own report generator, with no coding necessary, just join your data and view your report.

  • In-Memory Database - Use a large range of data through the In-Memory database.
  • Select Data At Source - Retrieve data held in your Data Warehouse, conventional databases, spreadsheets and a host of other formats.
  • Data Aggregation Engine - Slice and dice your data using the menu driven Aggregation Engine and the integrated formula environment.
  • Join Data From Disparate Sources - Join technologies as diverse as legacy systems and Web Services.
  • Multiple Result Sets - Work with a cross-section of organisational information.
  • Information In Real-time - React to market situations as they happen.
  • Tabular Data Representation - Layout your information in one or many grid layouts as you see fit.
  • Sort, Group & Filter With Ease - Slice and dice your information in an easy to use grid layout.
  • Conditional Formatting - Apply conditions to data and highlight errors or unusual information.
  • Extensive Formula Environment - Enrich your analysis with your own calculations.
  • Auto-generated Reports - Create fantastic looking reports with no coding what so ever.

Dashboard PowerApp - Turn your information into graphs with the easy to use Dashboard PowerApp.

For more information please visit http://www.nevilleandrowe.co.uk

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