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InfoCaptor Develops easy Dashboards for Quickbooks Users

by Nilesh Jethwa, Founder, InfoCaptorThursday, July 17, 2008

Digital Dashboard designed in Oracle for Financial Analysts

The dashboard above is designed for Oracle General Ledger Module and is an operational dashboard (non-executive) for Financial Analysts who are responsible for maintaining the finance portion of Oracle ERP.

The dashboard highlights important information that comes in handy – particularly during the month-end cycle. It is a plug-n-play dashboard and detects all the Oracle GL charts of accounts. This dashboard helps in validating critical information especially when periods are closed. These include:

  • GL Balance by Account Type: For a given set of books, period and currency this portlet provides vital information on whether or not your monthly debit and credits are balancing.
  • Balance by Segment Value: This is a handy portlet in finding balance by a particular segment and its value. Dimensions can be changed using the drop down list.
  • Month End GL Balance Chart
  • Find Overlapping Segment Values: For a given set of books, this portlet scans your entire chart of accounts to find out if the children or parent values are overlapping. This is handy during implementation of modules such as DBI for financials and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting.
  • Unbalanced GL Balances and Journal Lines
  • Journal Details

How this is built

This dashboard is designed using InfoCaptor and all the charts and tables are based on direct SQL queries against the Oracle ERP database. This dashboard does not require any additional setup or configuration on the servers. Users can login using their Oracle ERP sign-on account/password and it readily scans and identifies the unique GL structures – it is pure plug-n-play. Clients can customize this dashboard by adding more portlets or changing the underlying SQL to suit their Oracle GL setup.

InfoCaptor Prodect Video

For more information about InfoCaptor Please visit www.infocaptor.com

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