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InfoCaptor's Pharmacy Financial Analytics Dashboard

by Nilesh Jethwa, Founder, InfoCaptorThursday, July 17, 2008

Digital Accounting Dashboard used as a Quickbooks Plug-in
Please click on dashboard for larger version.

The dashboard above is custom designed for a pharmacy business. This dashboard is suitable for any small to medium business using Quickbooks as its accounting/ERP package.


Quickbooks has excellent depth of pre-built reports like Trial Balance, Profit & Loss statements etc. but in order to get a complete picture, the accountant at the client's firm would have to pull all the information and feed it into Excel and then derive the important ratios. The accountant would then have to update the owner on their business health. With this dashboard and in just a few steps, the accountant can see the most up-to-date business health information. The important ratios on the right hand side immediately tell the accountant whether the company is going north or south.
Metrics on the dashboard include:

  • Income distribution
  • COGS distribution
  • Expense Distribution
  • Profit & Loss
  • Current Ratio, AR/AP Ratio, Debt Ratio

How this is built

This dashboard is built using InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer. InfoCaptor can connect to all ODBC and JDBC data sources. For Quickbooks the challenge was to find the appropriate ODBC driver as Quickbooks does not allow direct access to its data. There is only one third party ODBC driver provider and the performance of the driver was deemed unacceptable for this project. Instead, we designed a few reports within Quickbooks and let the user export them to an Excel file. InfoCaptor then connects to this Excel file and issues SQL statements.

InfoCaptor Prodect Video

For more information about InfoCaptor please visit www.infocaptor.com

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