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myDIALS’ Live, Interactive Dashboards

by Wayne Morris, CEO, myDIALS Inc.Friday, February 12, 2010

The updated myDIALS performance management platform combines scorecard values, status and trend indicators with a live, interactive mini-chart. All values, status, trend indicators and mini-charts are continuously updated for right-time monitoring and analysis. This elevates the scorecard from what is normally only a static snapshot of what happened during a designated period to live, actionable insight into operational performance.

mydials performance management scorecard
click on image for full size version

The spark line charts include dynamic alerts and notes and also support drilling into any point by any valid dimension to obtain more detail, as shown below. Such dimensions could include location, product, sales channel, business unit, etc. This level of interactivity ensures myDIALS users can make better decisions more quickly by starting with a comprehensive status overview and then drilling into actionable detail to determine the cause of issues.

mydials performance management scorecard drill down
click on image for full size version

For more information please visit www.mydials.com

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