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Online Marketing Dashboard by myDIALS

by Wayne Morris, CEO, myDIALS Inc.Friday, January 21, 2011

With myDIALS Online Marketing Module, you can incorporate data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook to:

  • Optimize your paid search spend and results
  • Identify which website pages to refine and improve
  • Understand the impact of social media outreach

online marketing dashboard
Click on dashboard for full size version

When you first log in, you find an overview dashboard for all your online marketing activities.  In addition to the overview and performance metrics for each aspect of your online marketing activities, detailed metrics are provided in separate dashboards (noted on the tabs). Whether you are responsible for overall marketing results, want to refine the message on individual web pages by analyzing entrance, exit and bounce rates, or are trying to improve the return on your paid search budget by analyzing Ad Group and Keyword performance, you will see the relevant information you need.

You can also use the information provided by myDIALS to:

  • Refine your organic search keywords and associated landing pages
  • Monitor your social media presence and learn the demographics of those people who resonate with your messaging
  • Understand sentiment of the people following and tweeting about you
  • Discover if your social media outreach is resulting in additional traffic to your website and generating quality leads.

A fully-automated free trial is available at http://www.mydials.com/register/trialregistration.php?cid=QoCN.  Refer a colleague for the chance at a free month of use at http://www.mydials.com/register/refer.php?cid=Qswk.

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