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Pagos SpreadsheetWEB Excel Hotel Dashboard

by Ugur Kadakal, CXO/President, http://www.pagos.comFriday, September 11, 2009

SpreadsheetWEB introduces a unique approach to building and managing a new generation of business intelligent dashboards. It empowers business users to design their dashboards in familiar Microsoft Excel environment and deploy them as web based dashboards without any programming. It also goes beyond dashboards by automating data collection and data analysis, hence automating complete process for organizations by bringing data collection, analysis, and visualization under one platform. 

This dashboard is designed for small to medium size hotel operator to visualize essential parameters including number of rooms sold, revenue per available room (RevPAR), average daily rate per occupied room (ADR), and occupancy rate (OCC).

click on dashboard for full size view

Data can be queried from a database or can be entered directly in the spreadsheet file. But whatever the data source is, the visualization and calculations are handled within spreadsheet environment. This gives hotel operators greater flexibility in designing their own dashboards as well as custom calculations without having to rely on software developers or external consultants. Familiar spreadsheet environment allow hotel operators build even most complex dashboards quickly. Business users have full control over modifying existing dashboards or creating new ones.

Final spreadsheet file is uploaded to SpreadsheetWEB server to create the web based dashboard. This process requires no programming. SpreadsheetWEB also includes a built-in user management module to set access credentials and security features.

About Pagos, Inc.

Pagos develops software solutions that enable customers to automate and web-enable spreadsheet based business processes. SpreadsheetWEB (www.spreadsheetweb.com) provides an all-in-one solution to convert Excel spreadsheets into web applications and host them instantly on SpreadsheetWEB servers without any programming or IT intervention.  This leads to substantial cost savings and quick time-to-market.

Contact (860) 674-9100 or email sales@pagos.com for more information about SpreadsheetWEB and other Pagos products and services.

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