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Panopticon EX – Deploy BI Dashboards in Minutes

by Hugh Heinsohn, VP/Director, Panopticon Software Friday, May 22, 2009

Panopticon EX is a business intelligence platform for web-enabled visual monitoring and fast analysis of complex data. It incorporates a wide range of data visualizations, from Treemaps and Heatmaps to Scatter Plots, and uses our unique StreamCube™ OLAP data model for on-the-fly data aggregations and slicing and dicing. Panopticon EX is suitable for deployment throughout the enterprise, at the workgroup level or even on public websites. The platform includes a desktop authoring tool that allows power users to assemble and publish new monitoring and analysis dashboards to the web.

Panopticon EX Designer - Market Monitoring Dashboard
Click on dashboard for full size version

This image shows the design mode for Panopticon EX. The designer is in the process of creating a new EX Dashboard incorporating a Scatter Plot, several Line Graphs and Panopticon’s unique Horizon Graph visualization. Once completed, this Dashboard will be published to the web using the EX Server software. The web-based user will be able to change the scales for each visualization and filter out less interesting data to focus on outliers and identify trends. Note the line of tabs across the top of the screen. These other Dashboards are part of the same EX Workbook. A single Workbook can contain as many Dashboards as needed in order to provide users of a truly comprehensive view of their data.

More info on Panopticon EX here: http://www.panopticon.com/products/for_end_users.htm

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