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RoamBi Mobile BI Dashboard

by Steve BogdonFriday, April 30, 2010

RoamBi Trends Dashboard

Roambi Trends:
One of the newest features on Roambi is the Trends View that provides users with pre-set algorithms that allow them to easily identify trends in their data. The Trends View offers customized periodicity to compare data across whatever period a user chooses – years, months, even minutes; users can easily focus on specific time periods by sliding the dateline at the bottom of the graph. Touch any two points within the Trends graph and Roambi will automatically calculate the difference. 

RoamBi Pie View piechart dashboard

Roambi Pie View:
Roambi’s Pie View provides a fully interactive, graphical summary of data with the ability to drill down into details at the touch of a finger, and conduct side-by-side comparisons of different data and charts.

RoamBi CataList dashboard for iPad

Roambi CataList
Roambi CataList organizes data into hierarchical, categorized lists with the ability to drill down to into detailed summaries, as well as simultaneously compare or analyze different sets of data.

RoamBi SuperList Dashboard

Roambi SuperList
Roambi SuperListprovides smooth navigation through many rows of information and ensures that users are always able to see the subject that the data corresponds to. Convenient tools, including sorting and filtering, give users the ability to perform instant analysis.

About MeLLmo

Founded in 2008, MeLLmo is reinventing the mobile business application to improve the productivity and decision-making of on-the-go employees. The company's flagship product, Roambi, is an iPhone application that makes business data and reports easy to access, navigate and interact with right from a handheld device. Headquartered in San Diego, CA., MeLLmo has a worldwide customer base of Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across a diverse range of industries including: telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, and packaged goods.       

MeLLmo is an SAP Endorsed Business Solution Partner and a member of the Apple iPhone Enterprise Developer Program. Roambi is an AT&T Wireless Certified Solution.

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