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Strategy Companion AdventureWorks Dashboard Demo

by Bob Abernethy, SVP & GM, www.strategycompanion.comThursday, March 10, 2011

This dashboard was built in 20 minutes using Analyzer from Strategy Companion. The data comes from the SQL Server sample database, AdventureWorks. The upper left component is a KPI scorecard. Notice how users can assign a subjective importance ranking to the KPIs using a 5-star system. In the upper right you see a Strategy Map showing the relationships between KPIs and their related workflows and organizations within the company. The lower left is an Intelligent Map showing measure values by state. In the lower right you see a pivot table containing in-table data visualizations. Notice the convenient Report Filter component located, in this example, at the bottom of the dashboard. It could also be placed at the top, on either side, or even in-between other components, using Analyzer's intuitive freestyle layout approach.

data visualization dashboard
Click on dashboard for full size version

Each Analyzer dashboard can contain an unlimited number of sheets, each of which can contain multiple components such as the ones you see in this example. There are many other types of data visualization and other components which could be added as well. Users can easily collaborate using Analyzer’s built-in annotation and messaging functions, and you can also set up event-driven and calendar-based Report Subscriptions. Analyzer’s role-based security works in tandem with SQL Server security, so each user only sees the data they should. 

A live online demo environment, free downloads, Product Tour, and On-Demand Training videos are available at www.strategycompanion.com

Strategy Companion provides the most advanced and easy-to-use Business Intelligence front-end available for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Designed specifically for non-technical business users, Analyzer™ has been named “the best solution to complete the Microsoft BI platform” by SQL Server magazine. Analyzer is a 100% zero-footprint browser-based BI solution and is available in Enterprise, SaaS, and OEM versions.

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Freep Larby said:

I've noticed that a lot of these dashboard demos forget all about time. Sure you have pretty colors and a map but it is completely and utterly useless if you do not know what time period you're looking at.

Take a look at the screen shot closely. I've looked at it a few times and I see no indication of date. Maybe I missed it.

If I showed this to my execs, they would eat me alive.

Time is very important.

Steve Bogdon said:

Excellent observation Freep Larby, thank you for posting this comment.

Steve Bogdon
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