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Transpara Mobile Dashboard

by Michael Saucier, CXO/President, TransparaFriday, July 24, 2009

Transpara’s Visual KPI presents operating information from multiple data sources to users in context and on-demand, enabling timely, informed decision making from any location. Designed for mobile handsets, Visual KPI supports any modern web browser – including 300+ mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone and Palm Pre, etc.) – and easily scales to the desktop and larger form factors (flat panels, etc.)

The mobile dashboard shown below provides plant operations and management with a drill-down view of manufacturing and performance-related data.  Since subject matter experts and decision makers are rarely at their desks, having immediate access to real-time metrics increases the value and effectiveness of existing data by allowing users to solve problems “on the go.”  Scorecards, Trends and KPI Maps are generated on demand, putting the latest data at users’ fingertips for decision making in the moment. 

Click on image for full size version

Visual KPI’s interactive graphics provide immediate insight into enterprise operational performance. The role-based dashboards allow decision makers to see the context of business and plant performance and immediately answer questions as they arise to determine whether they are heading toward or away from trouble.

Visual KPI pulls real-time operating information (not planning data) from multiple internal sources – databases, line of business applications, data historians, Excel spreadsheets and even external data from the web – and populates user-defined KPIs and scorecards on the fly. Because Visual KPI focuses on front-end visualization rather than back-end data processing, Visual KPI is flexible and agile, complementing all existing data/BI projects.

About Transpara

Founded in 2005, and led by a seasoned team of manufacturing and utility executives, Transpara is committed to helping organizations make better decisions…faster. By leveraging existing technology investments and enterprise mobility initiatives, Transpara customers now have a solution for turning the massive amounts of data generated from disparate sources into meaningful, actionable information.

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