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A Dashboard for Mumbai CEO

by Dhiren Gala, MAIA IntelligenceTuesday, June 23, 2009

There is a discussion around that there is a strong need of a CEO for Mumbai.  Let’s assume that very soon Mumbai shall have its own CEO.   What shall be his role?  How will he drive the city?  What all resources he shall require to do so? 

Mumbai CEO would be a leader with power & authorized to act, and seen to be taking up tasks.  Mumbai CEO chosen by the people, and removed by them, & has to ensure that he delivers.  CEO is one powerful central authority for the city.

Mumbai CEO will be accountable to the people he’s supposed to serve. An empowered CEO would be guided by a council of specialists, including one member each from government agencies such as MMRDA, MHADA, Mumbai Police, BEST, MSRTC and NGOs.  He would be entitled to get reporting from such different authorities.

At the worst of times, when all go into paralysis like it happened, disastrously, in July 2005 when there is the lack of power, water, relief, etc, Mumbai CEO will be the most of ‘a trusted face’, the Person In Charge.

How will the Mumbai CEO to be, shall run the city’s municipal operations efficiently, effectively and economically? If given a chance, Mumbai CEO shall have highly diversified tasks in terms of the measuring the performance of the services delivered by various government entities, and there is lot of data available to be analyzes & assessed that shall help him take informed decision.

A Dashboard for Mumbai CEO
Click on dashboard for full size version

In the last decade or so, Mumbai has grown substantially in terms of population, infrastructure, economy.  CEO of Mumbai shall require a Municipal performance measures which are more federalist in structure than the ‘single business line' approach most often used in private industry.

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