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Ambiont Server Monitor
from Dundas Data Visualization

by Ed Worsfold, Director of Marketing, Dundas Data VisualizationTuesday, June 12, 2007

This dashboard designed using Dundas components for the charts, gauges and map, is used to monitor network traffic on a number of global servers. The network administrator can easily monitor the inbound and outbound traffic bandwidth, the connection quality, and the number of hops between connections, displayed geographically on a world map. Other server details are also displayed, all at a glance for quick assessment of any issues that may arise.

Server Monitor Digital Dashboard

*Ambiont Networks and all data are fictitious for the purposes of the demo. Any resemblance to actual companies or organizations is purely coincidental.

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Patrick W said:

Only REAL dashboards not mockups shouydl be considered for this.

Peter Traynor said:

Hi Patrick, thanks for visiting, you raise a worthwhile point. However, this mock-up reflects the kind of actual work being done out there by some solution providers. It's achievable with the right supplier, tools and talent. As a good example of what can be realistically built, we decided it was well worth showing.

Ziggy FF said:

i prefer to use http://www.dotcom-monitor.com it has a lot of features and it is rather cheap

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