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Anti-Social Behaviour Dashboard

by Andreas Lipphardt, Design / Development, BonaVista SystemsMonday, November 23, 2009

By: Lisa Cunningham. This article features the winner of the 3rd place of the 2009 Excel dashboard competition

The dashboard is produced by the Research and Information Team at Leicestershire County Council as part of a suite of dashboards produced for the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships. It is available to the public through the local web portal, which makes readability, and also the contact information provided vital. The dashboard aims to provide an at a glance view of the level and trend of ASB, and does an excellent job.

Bonavista Systems Anti-social behavior digital dashboard by Lisa Cunningham

Click on dashboard for full size version

The Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) dashboard is produced on a monthly basis by the Research and Information Team at Leicestershire County Council. It is part of a suite of dashboard products produced for the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) in the seven districts of Leicestershire, the Police, and other partnership agencies. It is also made available to the public and wider audience via the local web portal: Leicestershire Statistics and Research Online.

The main aim of the ASB dashboard is to provide an ‘at a glance’ view of the levels of ASB on a cumulative month-by-month basis for the current month and year-to-date. For this reason, the dashboard is deliberately designed to be viewed (and distributed) as a single screen. Specifically the dashboard is designed as a tool for performance assessment, with target values drawn from the previous year.

The dashboard is designed to compliment the administrative geographical hierarchy of the sub-region within England, UK. This area consists of Leicestershire County, Rutland and the Unitary Authority of Leicester City. These high-level geographies are shown most prominently at the top of the dashboard on a yellow background. At a lower geographical level, Leicestershire is broken down into the seven local authority districts within the County.

The analysis in the dashboard falls into three main areas:

  • Performance review via bullet charts with comparisons of the year-to-date figures for the current year against year-to-date last year. The total for the previous year is also indicated on the charts.
  • Long-term trends in ASB shown over a 24 month period on a sparkline. The current month information is provided along with information on the maximum month in the period.
  • Detailed breakdown of the main incident types that make up ASB in ‘thumbnail’ bar charts of the ASB categories.

Within each of these sections warning lights (icons) are used to provide the user with an immediate indication of problem areas. Throughout the dashboard, care has been taken to use statistically robust indications of problems areas and/or methodologies that are consistent with our other dashboard products. Warning lights for the number of ASB incidents are controlled by target values that are in line with existing dashboards (<25% over target and >=25% over target), but the warning lights on the trend lines are controlled by establishing if the current month is 1.96 or 2.58 standard deviations away from the 24-month average, reflecting the 95% and 99% confidence levels.

The dashboard was developed in response to a request from the Leicestershire Safer Communities Strategy Board and has been in production since January 2009. Since its development the distribution list has been growing and it is always well received, and its release anticipated. Whilst the ASB dashboard has been developed within Leicestershire County Council, it is soon to be adopted as a template by Leicestershire Constabulary to apply their own police geographical hierarchy.

For more information please visit BonaVista Systems.

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