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Google Adwords Campaign Performance Analysis Dashboard

by aravind natarajan, BI Specialist, ZohoFriday, January 14, 2011

This dashboard analyzes how a Google Adwords account is performing at the campaigns level. It gives the monthly and daily trends of important performance indicators like Clicks, Conversions, Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), Impressions etc.

Google Adwords Campaign Performance Analysis
Click on dashboard for full intereactive version

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Marketing Team BIME said:

How did you access this Adwords data? Is a direct connection to Adwords, or Google Analytics? Thanks.

aravind natarajan said:

Kirsty: Currently, we download data as csv and upload it to Zoho Reports. Down the line, we plan to offer a connector through Google Adwords API. Similarly, we plan to do it for Google Analytics data too.

paulo rossini said:

How can I use this Zoho dashboard with many different adwords accounts?

aravind natarajan said:

Paulo: This dashboard is a sample for one account with multiple campaigns in it. If you need to report over multiple accounts, click the download icon in 'My Client Center' and download the required data. You can then import this data into Zoho Reports and analyde it.

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