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InfoCaptor Dashboard

by Nilesh Jethwa, Founder, InfoCaptorFriday, December 14, 2007

This screenshot represents the Oracle SysAdmin and DBA dashboard for e-Business(ERP). It shows various performance charts, some SOX related monitoring and shows errors in the inbound interface tables. You can browse the portlets and charts using the tree outline on the left.  (click on the image for a full screen view)

Digital Dashboard representing Oracle SysAdmin and DBA for e-Business(ERP)
Click on image to view full version

InfoCaptor is a lightweight desktop Dashboard designer and you can create charts and portlets using simple SQL queries. The designer allows you to dynamically place the portlets anywhere on the screen and resize them during design or after deployment giving the end-users the ultimate viewing flexibility. The dashboards can be deployed on the web using any webserver. Dashboards can be created against any database(Oracle, MySQL, SQL server, DB2, Access .. and even Excel files). Users can login and access their own set of dashboards using roles and access privileges they have been assigned to.

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