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KPI Online Business Monitoring Dashboard

by Tracey Fabian, http://www.kpionline.comMonday, September 20, 2010

Parformance Dashboard
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KPI Online provides a collection of pre-built dashboards allowing users to monitor and analyze key business measures as they relate to Revenue, Expenses, Inventory, A/R and A/P data.  In this default dashboard, users can quickly see 12-month historical trend graphs detailing how these vital items have performed.  Reviewing past performance will assist you in predicting future performance.  Also available in this dashboard is a mini profit and loss statement comparing current performance to previous periods and previous years.

Customer Dashboard
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How many times have you said to yourself – I need to know who my top customers are now.  This is a common need among organizations.  The KPI Online Top 15 Customers dashboard displays this information and so much more.  Uncover not only your top customers but also discover much more about each them – review the cost of sales to that particular customer, understand gross profit and gross margin for each of your top customers, quickly see how they performance based on previous period and previous year.  This dashboard provides you with an abundance of information on your top customers.

Financial Dashboard
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Understanding and controlling expenses is vital in any organization.  Use the three dashboards in the KPI Online Expense collection to properly monitor and analyze your expenses.  Comparing monthly actual expenses to budgeted items will provide you the necessary data you need to examine whether you are overspending on a monthly basis.  Discover what cost centers or type of expense is draining your funds and quickly make decisions to bring those departments or expenses back in line with the rest of the organization.

For more information please visit KPI Online.

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