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Pureshare Operations Dashboard
Created using PureShare SingleViewIT platform.

by Maria Ford, www.pureshare.comFriday, June 6, 2008

Digital Dashboard for Performance Management

A dashboard can be used as a performance management tool to display metrics comprising business and operations data consolidated from across the organization. Call centers, help desks, and network operations centers require that timely and accurate status information be available to operations managers, customers, executives and staff. This information enables them to measure performance against organizational and operation goals in real time, get answers that drive the business, and provide up-to-date status summaries to a variety of user groups.

This IT Service Management (ITSM) Operations Summary dashboard provides an example of how an organization can display critical operations metrics to provide an at-a-glance view of real-time status. High-priority alerts are flashed across the top of the screen using a scrolling ticker. Summary “roll-up” information is provided on metrics such as open tickets, year-to-date ticket open/close rates, ticket severity and more.

In the lower left, statistics gathered from the organization’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system are presented, showing the average speed taken to answer calls and the average abandon rate. In this example, HP OpenView is the operations platform of choice and the dashboard displays event types from that system in the lower right. Each of these areas can be rolled over to view details, or clicked on to drill down.

For example, in the HP OpenView Event Summary area, a user can click on any one of the event types to open a detailed view of that particular set of events. The detailed view may include information such as individual event status, age, customer, agent, and so-on.
This dashboard was created using the PureShare® SingleViewIT platform, which provides operations organizations with a “single pane of glass” to access a consolidated, real-time view of operations metrics automatically gathered from any database, spreadsheet, or other system.

The dashboard can be viewed in a web browser, provided that the user has appropriate access permissions.

Please take time to learn more about PureShare operational metrics solutions at www.pureshare.com

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