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Sustainability Sensor Data Management Dashboard
Created by Oracle

by Eloy Ontiveros, Marketing / Public Relations, OracleFriday, May 6, 2011

Oracle’s Sustainability Sensor Data Management (SSDM) provides role based dashboards for facility managers, operations executives and sustainability officers. These dashboards allow them to analyze and monitor sustainability aspects such as electricity, gas, etc., and the associated costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Some of the capabilities include the ability to benchmark performance against historical data, compare performance across assets and facilities and analyze sustainability data contextualized in combination with operational conditions such as facility employee headcount, square footage, equipment operating parameters, manufacturing output, working hours and so on. This allows for efficiency in operations, identification and reduction of waste and GHG emissions resulting in continuous improvement. For more information, please visit Oracle Sustainability Sensor Data Management

Oracle Performance Dashboard
Click on dashboard for full size version

For more information please visit www.oracle.com

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