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Wind and Solar Clean Tech Dashboard

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dundas Dashboard has provided a nice example of an interactive HTML 5 dashboard, click the image to go to the interactive sample (please ensure you are using a browser that supports HTML 5)

In this dashboard we are provided with separate panes for wind and solar installations. The indicators immediately tell us what installations are performing poorly and when they were last inspected. Further examination can be done by drilling into the installations so we can find out more about what is happening. Appleby Line for instance is performing at 64% of expected capacity. When we drill down into this we find that turbine number 2 had been performing to expected capacity until recently. Why has the performance been so poor recently? A look at the service calls provides us with a possible answer. The last inspection was 15 days ago and the performance of turbine 2 dropped off just after that time. Turbine 2 also has a history of required service call. Another inspection should happen as soon as possible.

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