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XLCubed CIO Dashboard

by Andreas Lipphardt, Design / Development, BonaVista SystemsFriday, October 26, 2007

Here is our latest Excel based dashboard, the CIO dashboard.

Stephen Few's popular book "Information Dashboard Design" showcased this dashboard to allow a Chief Information Officer to monitor the performance of a company's core information systems and activities. What we have done is recreate the dashboard and make it live by using MicroCharts (www.microcharts.net) and XLCubed (www.XLCubed.com) in Excel and then publishing it to the XLCubed Web Edition so that it can be viewed by individual users through a thin client web page.

Executive Dashboard created for a CIO using MicroCharts and XLCubed

The design of the dashboard allows end users to view a large amount of relevant information in a pleasing visual display and by linking it direct to the data it has become a dashboard which displays the relevant up to date data for the individual viewing it.

For more information on XLcubed please visit www.xlcubed.com

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